Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day, Far and Away

For Thanksgiving, this year, I have left Portland and traveled south to the LA area.  It's not so much about the need for a little warmth, after the Arctic blast that tried to put Portland in a deep freeze, but the need to spend some time with extended family.

Alas, armed only with my cell phone, Corningware411 will more than likely sit fallow for the next few days, aside from potential CIA photos (Corning Ware In Action).  

I did not want to leave you all empty handed for that long, so, on the right of the page, under the "About Me" section, I have added some static "Information pages" on Corning Ware patterns.   

Yes, there are multiple pattern posts all over this blog, but this should be easier for research purposes.   All the  patterns, in one place, on one page, and with dates of manufacture (if known).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Where is your CorningWare??

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mystery Solved! - CorningWare Avocado Ceramic Knob Lids

I will admit that I have tendencies leaning towards OCD.  If you have ever read Culinary Alchemy, you will notice that make reference to how easily it is for me to obsess on something; as my friend Stephanie can attest to during the "Night of the Cocktail Umbrellas".   Thus it was, when reading a page on, that one of these obsessions took hold.

It was the page regarding the 3 editions of the Floral Bouquet pattern.   After specifying the 1969 Limited Edition Gift Line version (1st edition) with the white ceramic knob lids (which I covered here) there is a mention of Avocado and Butterscotch with matching colored ceramic knob lids that were available the same year.  I am fully aware of the butterscotch color, for it is the "Harvest" pattern (which I also covered).  It was that reference to this mysterious "Avocado" with matching ceramic knobs that started my obsession... one that has consumed me for 2 years now.

I have hunted and searched for it, rummaged, quested, and scoured the internet in pursuit of it along with every other word in the thesaurus; all in, what I began to think, was nothing more than a wild goose-chase.  Well, sometimes perseverance is rewarded.

It all boils down to the fact that I made a mistake.  An honest one, but still a mistake.  I made an assumption and, consequently, spent my time searching for the wrong thing.  

On the web site, these Avocado pieces were mentioned right along with the Harvest pattern (Butterscotch), So I began searching for traditional Corning Ware pieces.  That was some very narrow minded conjecture on my part.  Come to find out, what I now believe Corelle Corner's information is actually making reference to isn't the traditional square shape used for Harvest and Floral Bouquet.   Nope.  The Avocado pieces were Round!

Behold! The Avocado Buffet Server with Avocado Ceramic Knob!

So far I have only found two of them...  the B-1 3/4-B

and B-8 1/2-B

The lids have special numbers on them  B-1-CC and B-2 1/2-CC.

My assumption is the CC refers to the Ceramic Cover, even though only be the knob is ceramic.  Then again, it was an assumption that caused this 2 year long quest that threatened my sanity.  Had it not been pure happenstance that brought the truth to my attention, I may be sitting in a corner playing with brightly colored bits of paper. 

I do not know how many pieces of this were released.   Harvest came in 3 pieces that all had the same sized cover (P-7-C) with a ceramic knob.  1st Edition Floral Bouquet came in only 3 pieces, but with 2 sizes of lid (P-7-C and P-9-C).  So whether or not there was/is a 10 inch skillet/4 quart Dutch Oven size (B-10-CC lid) out there or just another one of the smaller pans (B-2 1/2-B or B-1-B) with these lids, I do not know.

All I know is, this is what I have found so far, and a major mystery has been solved.

Where is your CorningWare??